Linux tip, Fedora tip / howto: Installing Enlightenment 17 (E17/DR17)

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Installing Enlightenment 17 (E17/DR17)

To get the latest and greatest features, compile Enlightenment from source. The installation using binary RPMs is outlined below.

  • run gnome-session-properties, and make sure that in the current session, your current window manager (metacity, for example) is not set to "restart", but to "normal" (change if necessary, and click "Apply")
  • assuming your current window manager is metacity, run:
    killall metacity; enlightenment &
  • in gnome-session-properties, select "automatically save changes to session", exit, restart, and unselect it again
  • test if Enlightenment comes up automatically by logging out, and starting X again
  • gnome-session-properties is one of the worst programs out there, IMHO, in the end it may be easiest to edit your ~/.gnome2/session file (note the last line, num_clients = ...)


some personal preferences:
  • right-click the Enlightenment panel, and select "Configuration"
  • set Shelf Size to 72 pixels, and Layout to "Left"
  • left click on the desktop, and select Configuration -> Configuration Panel
  • select "Mouse Cursor", "Advanced", "Use X Cursor", size 56 pixels

Just like in Enlightenment 16, you can make sure window size and position are remembered:

  • do Alt+Right-click in a window, and select "Remember"
  • then select "Size and Position" (for example) and click Ok

To modify the "dock" (e.g. to remove the battery icon):

  • left click on the desktop, and select Configuration -> Configuration Panel
  • scroll down to and click on "Modules"

A link to the Enlightenment User Guide.

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