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Compiling Enlightenment 17 from source

These are the steps I took to compile Enlightenment 17 from source on a Fedora Core 4 installation. There are also notes on compiling it for Fedora 8 (x86_64).

The official build notes seem to be incomplete (and are now gone - broken link ..).

  • get the latest source from the snapshots page. The ones I got were from 2007-07-10. The tarballs to get are:
    • imlib2         (image file library)
    • eet         (compressed file I/O)
    • evas         (display canvas API)
    • ecore (note: missing from 2007-07-10, get it from 2007-06-17 instead)         (event/X abstraction layer)
    • epeg         (jpeg thumbnailer)
    • embryo         (virtual machine)
    • edje         (graphical layout & animation library)
    • epsilon         (thumbnailing library)
    • esmart         ("evas smart objects")
    • efreet         (specifications from
    • ewl         (widget library)
    • enlightenment
    This is also the build order (note it is different from the order specified in the build notes, which doesn't work)
  • setenv PKG_CONFIG_PATH /usr/local/lib/pkgconfig
  • decompress, compile, and install each package. For example, for imlib2:
    tar zxvf imib2-
    cd imlib2-
    make install
    If you prefer to create RPMs instead, use checkinstall instead of the last "make install" step.
  • note: for ecore add an option to configure:
    ./configure --enable-ecore-fb
  • note: for esmart, set CFLAGS before running configure:
    setenv CFLAGS "-I /usr/share/libtool/libltdl"
    (you may have to download and install libtool first)
  • if you're creating RPMs, and you have earlier versions of these packages already installed, run rpm as follows:
    rpm -Uvh <rpm filename>
    If installing from scratch, run:
    rpm -ivh <rpm filename>
  • if you had an earlier version of enlightenment installed, edit your ~/.gnome2/session file, and replace in the lines that say CloneCommand=enlightenment, RestartCommand=enlightenment the command enlightenment with enlightenment_start

These steps should do it. It'll get you a version of enlightenment that works much better than the older FC4 RPMs that are available. Here are some very nice Enlightenment 17 themes. Put the theme files in the directory ~/.e/e/themes.

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