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Usage summary

This is just a copy of the output of binvox when run without parameters:

--- [binvox] mesh voxelizer, version 1.35, build #881 on 2023/04/18 16:03:29, running on Linux
--- written by Patrick Min, 2004-2023

Error: missing model filename

Usage: binvox [-d <voxel dimension>] [-t <voxel file type>] [-c] [-v] <model filespec>
  -license: show software license
  -d: specify voxel grid size (default 256, max 4096)
  -t: specify voxel file type (default binvox, also supported: hips, mira, vtk, raw, schematic, msh, nrrd)
  -c: z-buffer based carving method only
  -dc: dilated carving, stop carving 1 voxel before intersection
  -v: z-buffer based parity voting method only (default is both -c and -v)
  -e: exact voxelization (any voxel intersecting a convex polygon gets set)(does not use graphics card)
Additional parameters:
  -bb <minx> <miny> <minz> <maxx> <maxy> <maxz>: force a different input model bounding box
  -ri: remove internal voxels
  -cb: center model inside unit cube
  -rotx: rotate object 90 degrees ccw around x-axis before voxelizing
  -rotz: rotate object 90 degrees cw around z-axis before voxelizing
    both -rotx and -rotz can be used multiple times
  -nf <value>: use normalization factor <value> (default 1.0)
  -aw: _also_ render the model in wireframe (helps with thin parts)
  -fit: only write the voxels in the voxel bounding box
  -bi <id>: when converting to schematic, use block ID <id>
  -mb: when converting using -e from .obj to schematic, parse block ID from material spec 'usemtl blockid_<id>' (ids 1-255 only)
  -os <slice index>: voxelize a single slice a index <slice index>
  -pb: use offscreen pbuffer instead of onscreen window
  -down: downsample voxels by a factor of 2 in each dimension (can be used multiple times)
  -dmin <nr>: when downsampling, destination voxel is on if >= <nr> source voxels are (default 4)
Supported 3D model file formats:
  VRML V2.0: almost fully supported
  UG, OBJ, OFF, DXF, XGL, POV, BREP, PLY, JOT: only polygons supported
binvox -c -d 200 -t mira plane.wrl
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