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Getting Started
  1. open a terminal:
    1. if you're on Windows: click “Start”, then type “cmd” (+ Enter)
    2. on a Mac: press Command + Space, type “terminal” (+ Enter)
    3. on Linux: you'll know how to open a terminal 8-)
  2. change to the directory where you downloaded binvox (typically your Downloads folder)
  3. run binvox without parameters to see a usage summary
    1. on Mac/Linux you may first have to run chmod 755 binvox once, to make the file executable
  4. find and download a 3D model you want to voxelize (you could search “download 3d models” in Google)
    1. make sure it's in a format that binvox supports
    2. alternatively, use this small test model of a mug
  5. let's voxelize using the default methods (z-buffer based carving and parity voting), to a voxel grid of 128 x 128 x 128 voxels:
    1. type in the terminal: binvox -d 128 mug.ply (+ Enter)
    2. a 128 x 128 window should open showing the mug from 6 directions, first briefly in white, then slice by slice in yellow and orange
  6. a file mug.binvox has been created (or mug_1.binvox, mug_2.binvox, and so on, if this file already existed in the directory)
  7. you can view it using “viewvox”: if you downloaded viewvox to the same directory, run it with viewvox mug.binvox

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