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viewvox is a program that reads a 3D voxel file as produced by binvox or thinvox and shows it in a window. You can then use the mouse to move the camera around the model.


version 0.50, added 21 April 2023


viewvox   [-ki] <model filename>

-ki: keep internal voxels (removed by default) -fps: print fps (frames per second) info to console Mouse left button = rotate middle = pan right = zoom Key r = reset view arrow keys = move 1 voxel step along x (left, right) or y (up, down) =,- = move 1 voxel step along z q = quit a = toggle alternating colours p = toggle between orthographic and perspective projection u = set z axis up r = reset camera x, y, z = set camera looking down X, Y, or Z axis X, Y, Z = set camera looking up X, Y, or Z axis 1 = toggle show x, y, and z coordinates 6 = toggle thick grid lines every 4/16 voxels s = show single slice n = show both/above/below slice neighbour(s) t = toggle neighbour transparency j = move slice down k = move slice up G = toggle show grid g = toggle show grid at slice level Alt + g = change grid orientation A lot of the key commands were added to make viewvox more useful when building voxel models in minecraft.


Please send me e-mail (to patrick.n.min at gmail dot com) with your questions, comments, suggestions, bug reports, etc.

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0.50: added -fps frames per second info feature (21 April 2023)
0.49: a bug fix for Windows only, viewvox hangs when running delete[] after adding border (17 March 2023)
0.48: added feature to toggle between 4 and 16 voxels step size for thick grid lines (22 January 2023)
0.47: updated support for reading NRRD files as produced by binvox and thinvox (8 March 2021)
0.46: updated info about certain key functions (27 June 2020)
0.45: added support for changing the grid orientation by pressing Alt + g (29 December 2017)
0.44: proper error message when voxel memory cannot be allocated (8 May 2016)
0.43: fixed bug when visualizing models with non-equal dimensions (7 Mar 2015)
0.42: orthographic mode properly restored, reasonable behaviour when using arrow and zoom in/out (-/=) keys in orthographic mode, window size now also saved and restored (10 Nov 2012)

Patrick Min