[thinvox]   3D voxel model thinning

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thinvox is a program that reads a 3D voxel file as produced by binvox, and applies a thinning algorithm to it. Currently it only supports the directional thinning method described by Kálmán Palágyi and Attila Kuba in Directional 3D Thinning Using 8 Subiterations, Springer-Verlag Lecture Notes in Computer Science volume 1568, pp. 325-336, 1999.


version 0.37, added 8 March 2021

(the binaries have been compressed using the UPX executable compressor)(they are self-decompressing)


Run thinvox without parameters for a usage summary.

Note that for efficiency reasons no boundary checking is done: in other words, make sure that there are no voxels in the outer layer of your model (binvox already enforces this).


If you use thinvox for your (published) work, please add a reference to me, to this site (as a link, you could use http://www.google.com/search?q=thinvox), and to the paper by Palágyi and Kuba (see above).


Do send me e-mail (to patrick.n.min at gmail dot com) with your questions, comments, suggestions, bug reports, etc.

Patrick Min


0.37: fixed orientation and alignment issues for the NRRD format (8 March 2021)
0.36: recompiled thinvox without unnecessary libraries (2 December 2017)
0.35: this border is removed before writing the thinned voxel file (31 July 2011)
0.34: fixed bug: binvox no longer produces voxel models with an empty border, so now thinvox adds one before thinning