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Compiling Wine

This page describes how to compile the latest version of Wine (1.1.29 as of September 2009) for Fedora 8. If you install Wine using yum, you'll get the latest fc8 repository version, which is 1.1.9.

First, remove the old version. When using tcsh, this script should do the trick:

foreach f (`rpm -qa | grep ^wine`)
echo Removing $f
rpm -e $f --nodeps

Alternatively, you can get a list of all Wine packages on your system using:
rpm -qa | grep ^wine
and remove them individually.

Next, download the source for 1.1.29 from the Wine download page (15 MB download). Note that after compilation the directory takes up about 572 MB of disk space.

Make sure you have the Alsa development package installed (yum install alsa-lib-devel), otherwise you'll have no sound under Wine.

  • tar jxvf wine-1.1.29.tar.bz2
  • cd wine-1.1.29
  • ./configure (this takes 1-2 minutes)
  • If you get an error:
    configure: error: FreeType development files not found. Fonts will not be built.
    then you can run ./configure --without-freetype (this seems to work fine. I'm not sure why I get this error, I have freetype-devel on my system)
  • make && make depend
    (note that this takes a while, about 55 minutes on my 2.4 GHz Pentium 4 with standard IDE harddisk)
  • make install

After running make install you could use checkinstall to create an RPM for this version of Wine. Next, install it, so you can later remove it with rpm -e if necessary.

Now you're all set to run lots of Windows programs, Colin McRae Rally 2 for example :-)

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