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Using TvAnts

This is one of the many peer-to-peer TV watching programs. It runs fine under Wine. The versions that work: Wine 0.9.45, TvAnts, under Fedora Core 4.

  • download and install Wine
  • if you're compiling from source (which takes a while), you may also have to install FontForge first
  • download TvAnts (the link takes you to a page translated from Chinese by Google Translate). Also, by now you can find the installer in many other places
  • run wine tvantssetup.exe to install TvAnts
  • after that, run wine "c:\program files\tvants\tvants.exe" to run TvAnts

  • when you start a channel, note the error message:
    Failed to open channel http://localhost:16900/1.asf
    (the 1.asf may have a different number)
  • click the "No" button
  • in a terminal, run:
    mplayer http://localhost:16900/1
    (replace the 1 with the number you saw in the error)

There is some info on this page about getting TvAnts to automatically invoke mplayer when selecting a channel, but I haven't gotten that to work.

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