Linux tip, Fedora tip / howto: make gmail notifier read out e-mail sender and subject

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make gmail notifier read out e-mail sender and subject

This is a (pretty ugly) hack specific to gnome-gmail-notifier on Linux.

It assumes you have festival (a Linux text-to-speech program) installed and running properly. So for example, running:
festival -b '(SayText "Hello there")'
produces the expected audio output.

Get the source tarball (tested to work with version 0.10.1), uncompress, and run ./configure. Install the appropriate *-devel packages that it complains about.

Next, edit the file src/ggn-manager.c: after line 342, which reads:
ggn_icon_show_notification (manager->priv->icon);
add these lines:

// bad hack to introduce pauses (the commas) and get rid of quotes char *msg_p = gsum->str; while(*msg_p != '\0') { if (*msg_p == ' ') *msg_p = ','; else if (*msg_p == 39) *msg_p = ','; else if (*msg_p == 34) *msg_p = ','; msg_p++; } if (strcmp(gsum->str, "(null)") == 0) { strcpy(gsum->str, "message,with,no,subject"); } char command_buffer[512]; sprintf(command_buffer, "/usr/bin/festival -b '(SayText \"%s, %s\")' &", gttl->str, gsum->str); // clear HTML tags char *lt_p; while(lt_p = strchr(command_buffer, '<')) { char *gt_p = strchr(command_buffer, '>'); char *i = lt_p; for(; i <= gt_p; i++) { *i = ' '; } } // while printf("Running command [%s]\n", command_buffer); system(command_buffer);
Next, in the directory which has configure, run (as root):
make install

Send yourself a test message, and start gnome-gmail-notifier

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