Linux tip, Fedora tip / howto: mounting NTFS partitions

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mounting NTFS partitions

This will allow you to mount an NTFS partition read-only:
  • type uname -r to find out your kernel version
  • get the right rpm for your kernel version from the Linux NTFS Project. If you can't find the right RPM there (for example, I'm now using kernel-module-ntfs-2.6.17-1.2142_FC4-2.1.27-1.lvn4), use an RPM finding service like pbone or livna
  • for automatic mounting during boot, add a line to /etc/fstab:
    /dev/hda8 /ntfs ntfs auto,user,noatime,ro,uid=500 0 0
    (the drive number here is /dev/hda8, the mount point /ntfs, yours may be different)

To mount an NTFS partition read-write:

  • download and install fuse
  • download and install NTFS-3G
  • to mount the same partition read-write:
    modprobe fuse
    ntfs-3g /dev/hda8 /ntfs

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