Linux tip, Fedora tip / howto: Using mouse keys

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Using mouse keys

To save my arm and wrist, I like to use the mouse keys: in this mode, you can use the numeric keypad keys (right hand side of your keyboard) to control the mouse cursor:

Use the numbers around the central 5 key to control the movement direction. Pressing the 5 key is equivalent to clicking the left mouse button, unless you changed this by pressing * (selects the middle mouse button) or the - (right mouse button)(switch back to the left button by pressing /).

Under the xfce window manager (running on an Eee here), enable mouse keys by selecting Settings → Mouse Settings from the main menu, then in the Accessibility tab check "Enable mouse emulation". Note: in my setup, the mouse keys get disabled frequently. Re-enable by pressing Shift + Num Lock.

An anonymous reader sent me this this helpful Wikipedia link.

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