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Smart Weather WH 1280 wireless weather station manual (also known as WS 1280)

Simply because for this weather station it is quite tricky to get things right when replacing the batteries (the order in which to do things, you can't press any keys on the base station for 3 minutes after you've replaced the batteries, that kind of thing), and of course once you need to replace the batteries you can't find the manual, I've put the Smart Weather WH 1280 wireless weather station manual in a PDF, I hope it's helpful...

It's also the manual for the 1281.

After I'd lost mine, the kind people at Gadgets UK sent me a replacement manual. Here's their product page for this weather station. They even replaced the station once mine couldn't read the external sensor anymore.

Update, January 2014:
After a while, also the 2nd weather station could no longer "see" the external sensor, no matter what I tried. Strangely enough, it suddenly started working again: I had to replace the batteries, and decided to charge an old pair of NiCD rechargeable batteries. Once they were in, the station picked up both external sensors right away (!). The only thing that was different from my earlier attempts was that this time the station had been without batteries for about 3 hours or so (the time it took to charge the replacement batteries).

So if you're struggling with getting it to recognize the external sensor as well: try leaving the batteries outside the station for a couple of hours (and no need to take out the sensor batteries). Let me know if you get it to work this way (use the form below).

Another update, October 2014:
A tip from a reader: put in new Duracells (for example), not rechargeable batteries. My rechargeables deliver about 1.3V typically, and the Duracells 1.6V, which turns out makes a difference: with those it picked up two (!) external sensors almost immediately (this again confirmed 2 years later: swapped out the Duracells, which by now measured 1.2V, put in two new "Kruidvat" own brand batteries (1.6V): very quick pickup of the sensors).

Note: in some stores the station is called the WS 1280 (!) Amazingly, they sell extra sensors (those seem to be out of stock everywhere..).

If the sensor shows "-188.8": this was also sent in by someone (Dec. 2014). I suggested leaving the sensor (with batteries removed and battery compartment open) near a heater for 24 hours or so (because possibly moisture had gotten into the sensor), and this fixed it :-)

Update, November 2017:
Someone figured out that if the batteries in the base station are low, it'll beep 3 times (this was on the 1281 model).

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