Linux tip, Fedora tip / howto: Fixing the LIL- LILO error

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Fixing the LIL- LILO error

(there's also a tip about the LIL LILO error)

This was an error that I suddenly got after I had switched from using LILO as the first boot loader (so LILO wrote the MBR, the relevant line in lilo.conf was boot=/dev/hda) to using Windows 2000 as the first boot loader.

This involves writing the LILO boot sector to a file (now the line in lilo.conf reads boot=/dev/hda1) using:
dd if=/dev/hda1 of=/windows/bootsect.lnx count=1
This assumes you have your Windows boot partition mounted at /windows. If the boot partition is using the NTFS filesystem, you may have to go via a floppy to get the bootsect.lnx file there. (Then add a line to your Windows boot.ini like this: C:\bootsect.lnx="Linux")

The whole point is that you have to redo the above step after you have changed anything that forced you to rerun LILO (like, in my case, adding another kernel image), otherwise you'll get the LIL- error when trying to boot into Linux.

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