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compiling fsv on Fedora 8

These are the steps to compile fsv (File System Visualizer) on Fedora 8. fsv is a port of the original fsn (File System Navigator, "pronounced fusion" according to the README) that ran on Silicon Graphics SGI machines. You can still get the SGI source here.

The fsv source does not compile with the latest version of gtkglarea that comes with Fedora 8 (configure will probably give you an error like "configure: error: Cannot find gtkglarea"), so you need to install an older version (as root). Use Rpmfind to locate the 1.2.2 version RPM of gtkglarea and install it. It is not necessary to remove the later gtkglarea2 RPMs if you have them installed.

Download and uncompress fsv-0.9.tar.gz (tar zxvf fsv-0.9.tar.gz).

If you don't want fsv to collect info about .* subdirectories (for example, my .thunderbird subdirectory is very large, but I don't want to see it in the directory map), then make the following modification:

  • in an editor, open src/scanfs.c
  • at line 136, in the process_dir function, right after the line char strbuf[1024], add this line:
    if (strstr(dir, "/.")) return;

In the fsv-0.9 directory, run configure, then make, then make install.

Please let me know if you encounter errors.

under Ubuntu 8.04:
Someone sent me a note that in order to get fsv to compile under Ubuntu 8.04, you'll first have to install:
libgtk1.2-dev, and
Someone else wrote that you also the freeglut development packages.

fsv running under Fedora 8:

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