Linux tip, Fedora tip / howto: Using the Canon Powershot A650 IS

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Using the Canon Powershot A650 IS

I recently (October 2007) got a Canon Powershot A650 IS. Usage notes will be on this page.

To copy pictures and movies from the camera:

  • download and install the gphoto2 software
  • connect the camera to a USB port and switch it on in "play" mode
  • because the camera speaks the PTP protocol, downloading files is very straight-forward:
    gphoto2 --auto-detect -P

After taking 3500+ pictures with this camera (December 2008 now)(yes it's a great camera :-) I am sure there are no issues with it, so never mind this recall note: There are appear to be some technical problems with this camera, read about the recall in China.

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