Cheat Codes

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To add a cheat to the Cheats menu (submenu of the Options menu), create a new driver profile, and enter one of the codes below as a name. You may have to go to the Cheats menu to enable the feature (the top two "all cars" and "all tracks" cheats work right away).

cheat codeeffect   verified  
allthebuttons all cars x
greatnews all tracks x
minime Mini Cooper S x
evilevo Mitsubishi Lancer alternatives
coolestcar Ford Puma
offroad Lancer road car
jobinitaly Mini Cooper
jimmyscar Ford Sierra Cosworth
onecarefulowner all cars
letmewin all options
morrismode Ford Escort MK1
gofasterstripes faster cars
garywildass Ford Puma
nuttynets agressive cars
turnontheice background music x
boingboingboing bouncer mode
waveyourlefts reverse tracks x
wheelybig monster tires
shinybuttons shiny cars
curryforme turbo boost (use handbrake to activate) x
bouncybouncybouncy reduced gravity
eatthis fireball (use handbrake to fire) x