freelance C++ programmer

Do contact me for complex C++ programming tasks.

I have been programming in C++ since 1993.

For my Ph.D. thesis project (2000-2003) I wrote a 3D model analysis system with over 100,000 lines of code (about 250 classes). Spin-off programs of this system include the binvox binary voxelization program (widely used in science), and the meshconv 3D model conversion program.

For Utrecht University I wrote an evolutionary optimization library (2003-2005), making extensive use of templates and traits classes (open source).

For a large bank in London I worked on improving a large (700,000+ lines of code) C++ pricing system (as part of a team of five)(2010).

Recent projects include a 3D shape matching system for "3D" (2016-2019), and a system to analyse image sequences of diamonds for Nivoda (2020).

For more about me, check out my LinkedIn page, or my Princeton homepage.

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