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This C++ library implements an evolutionary optimisation method, one of many methods to do non-linear optimisation. If you have a function for which you'd like to find a global minimum, and can't do so analytically, then maybe this package will help.

The library is designed for the following problem in particular: given a source object that can be transformed, what are the transformation parameters that take the source closest to the target? Or, in a schematic:

All you need to provide is:


The package is designed using a technique called Traits classes. The manual contains some explanation on how these work.



The archive file will unpack to a subdirectory evofunc-0.47


This is only version 0.47 of the package, and there is much room for improvement and extensions. Send me e-mail (patrick dot n dot min at gmail dot com) if you have any questions!

Thanks to Zhang Hao, Frank ter Haar, Tim Adelaar, and Rainer Typke for sending their bug-fixes and suggestions.

This work was supported by the GIVE Center at Utrecht University, the Netherlands, and the Dutch Technical Science Foundation (STW).

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