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British Comedy: Alan Partridge

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Some new samples

The first sample is from "Knowing me, Knowing Yule" (the Christmas special), the other three are from "I'm Alan Partridge".
  • Alan has something to say about burglars WAV (480K)
  • Alan talks to two Irishmen about a well known U2 song WAV (295K)
  • Alan comments on the smile of the receptionist WAV (96K)
  • An excerpt from the tape "Let go, with Alan Partridge" WAV (137K)

Radio sound samples

  • Alan introduces Simon Fisher, the child prodigy WAV (138K)
  • A question for Simon's father WAV (169K)
  • What Alan would like to do with Simon WAV (87K)
  • Alan is hypnotized, and remembers the essay writing competition WAV (211K) (stereo)
  • Alan introduces the last show of the season WAV (264K)
  • The BBC have told him to hop it WAV (99K)
  • His slogan for "Tree-naissance" WAV (28K)
  • Lord Morgan describes his resignation WAV (114K)
  • A minute silence for Lord Morgan WAV (248K)

Samples copied from the UK

  • Alan's comments on the Winter Olympics Bobsleighing event WAV
  • Somebody scored a goal WAV
  • Comparing his show to a car WAV
  • Murderer! WAV