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binvox_merge is a program that reads two 3D voxel file as produced by binvox, and merges them into a single .binvox file. There is now a version 2 of the .binvox file format that supports different values (i.e. 1, 2, etc.) for set voxels.

viewvox now also supports visualising these files (see the example at the top right).


version 0.11, added 5 April 2024


Run binvox_merge without parameters for a usage summary.

The binvox wiki has a page explaining how to voxelize and merge two models.


If you use binvox or associated tools for your (published) work, please add a reference to me, to this site (as a link, you could use http://www.google.com/search?q=binvox).


Do send me e-mail (to patrick.n.min at gmail dot com) with your questions, comments, suggestions, bug reports, etc.

Patrick Min


0.11: added -ov option to specify value to use when both input voxels are set (5 April 2024)
0.1: first version (31 March 2024)